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What I Do

Strategic Events and Programs serves as a link between Rutgers and the community at large and works regularly with officials from our host communities. In support of the Chancellors of Rutgers–New Brunswick and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences we provide event management, webinars, podcasts, conferences, and symposia, etc., and manage Rutgers Day, the Senior Citizen Audit Program, the Rutgers Speakers Bureau, and requests for filming on campus.

Greatest Strength

Strategic problem solving and making a great baklava.

My Favorite Things

  • Movie: The Sound of Music
  • Podcast: Rutgers On the Pandemic podcast (of course!)
  • Musician/Band: Springsteen (I'm Jersey through and through.)

Interesting Fact

I helped develop the RevolUtionary monument located on the lawn of the Rutgers Visitors Center for Rutgers 250th celebration.

Hidden Talent

I can recite the states in alphabetical order (which is often useful during Final Jeopardy! but not for much else.)

Greatest Accomplishment

I am very proud of the role our team played in the creation of Rutgers Day—the university's largest event which was designed to showcase Rutgers' contributions and value to the citizens of New Jersey and has become a beloved Rutgers tradition for both the community and alumni.

Superhero Power & Team Name

My superhero power would be: Teleportation - so I could see my children more often. They live in really great places to visit, but they are just too far away!

My super-team name would be: The Flexibles

Team Slogan & Mascot

My team slogan would be: "Creative problem solvers and community connectors."

My team mascot would be: Gumby - he's flexible!

What I Love Most

What I love most about my team: We love taking on a new challenge and finding solutions.

What I love most about R-Comm: The variety of work - no two days are the same and that makes work interesting and challenging.

What I love most about working at Rutgers: The people. There are endless interesting, smart, and creative folks to collaborate with and learn from both within the university and in our host communities.

My Quotes

If I were being profiled by Rutgers Today, my quote would be: "Connecting community needs with university expertise and resources."

If I were being profiled by The Onion, my quote would be: "Raised 3 kids in a 1.5 bathroom home and survived."