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What I Do

I support and provide strategic direction for the creative, digital, social, and marketing teams for R-Comm. I develop, measure, and implement our marketing campaigns for the New Brunswick and Rutgers Health campuses in the areas of public prominence, enrollment marketing, and priority initiatives.

Greatest Strength

Finding ways to get projects done. I think there is always more then one way to solve a problem, and often times we get things done through creative solutions.

My Favorite Things

  • Movie: The Notebook (don't judge me)
  • Podcast: NPR Up First
  • Musician/Band: Dua Lipa
  • People: My kids

Interesting Fact

I'm always doing a DIY home construction project.

Hidden Talent

I am a decent cook.

Greatest Accomplishment

Working together. We have learned how to be nimble and supportive of each other. By working together we can accomplish pretty much anything we set our mind to quickly while maintaining quality.

Superhero Power & Team Name

My super power would be: Change the way people think about something

Team Slogan & Mascot

My team slogan would be: "R-Comm makes it happen"

What I Love Most

What I love most about my team: They are hardworking, insightful, creative, thoughtful, motivating, inspiring, supportive, and always striving to do their best work.

What I love most about R-Comm: The collaborative approach to work. We all strive to make our work the best it can be  and we are always looking at ways to improve.

What I love most about working at Rutgers: The type of projects that we get to work on for the benefit of the university. I am proud of what we do at Rutgers and love that we get to tell Rutgers' story.

My Quotes

If I were being profiled by Rutgers Today, my quote would be: "Make it happen"

If I were being profiled by The Onion, my quote would be: "Sleeps in and drinks yoohoos all day"