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What I Do

I support R-Comm's digital and creative teams with project management and logistics, coordinating details for everything from website redesign projects to photo/video shoots.

Greatest Strength

My ability to learn quickly.

Interesting Fact

I've been a contestant on two game shows, losing miserably both times.

My Favorite Things

  • Movie: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Podcast: NPR How I Built This
  • Musician/Band: Beyoncé will always be a Queen

Greatest Accomplishment

At Rutgers, managing any of the large commercial productions that came through the Office of Community Affairs including one for Omega Watches that lasted 3 days and involved an A-list Hollywood actor, thousands of gallons of water, and millions of dollars of equipment. Endless details and negotiating surround these types of projects but seeing them seamlessly executed always made it worth it!

Superhero Power & Team Name

My super power would be: The ability to stop time

My super-team name would be: The Strategizers

Team Slogan & Mascot

My team slogan would be: "Your front door to the world"

My team mascot would be: An octopus to represent our adaptability and creativity.

What I Love Most

What I love most about my team: We truly embody what it means to be a team. We are supportive of one another and recognize that one person cannot do this job alone. There's genuine respect there.

What I love most about R-Comm: The people!

What I love most about working at Rutgers: Being part of something bigger. There is so much incredible research happening here, and so many brilliant students who are impacting the world. Being part of this community, in any capacity, is a privilege.

My Quote

If I were being profiled by The Onion, my quote would be: "Woman who responds 'no worries' to minor inconveniences actually worries about everything."