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What I Do

My job has many responsibilities. I do video shoots, video editing, lighting, audio, for both remote and studio projects. I also do still photography and portrait photography for the university as a more recent addition to my assigned tasks. I setup for both still and video productions in the studios as needed. I edit the "On the Pandemic" podcast as well as the "Health Updates" by Chancellor Strom.


Greatest Strength

Ability to adapt to changing technologies

My Favorite Things

  • Movie: To Killl a Mockingbird
  • Book: Six Frigates by Ian W. Toll
  • Musician/Band: E.L.O.

Interesting Facts

  1. I got to fly in the only flying (at the time) B-29 bomber in existence
  2. I designed the NJ Nets NBA basketball team's 30th anniversary logo. It was used on all their logos for two years to include a banner that hung in the Meadowlands Arena for two years.

Hidden Talent

I make scale models of historic ships.

Greatest Accomplishment

Before R-Comm, I developed a team of student engineers that have gone on to very successful careers at NBC and other broadcast companies. I created a working relationship with the VP of engineering at NBC and he had told me the staff he hires from RU-tv Engineering is always a success. He said if I think they are ready, he will hire them if there is an open position. The former head engineer for Saturday Night Live (now a broadcast engineering manager at MLB) and the lead engineer for MSNBC primetime are both my former employees along with other former engineering staff at both NBC and MLB.

Superhero Power & Team Name

My super power would be: Invisibility

My super-team name would be: The Boom Town Funkadelics

Team Slogan & Mascot

My team slogan would be: "We got this"

My team mascot would be: A Horse because a horse can do anything if given the chance and direction.


What I Love Most

What I love most about my team: Diversity of talents and personalities

What I love most about R-Comm: Its talents and comradery

What I love most about working at Rutgers: The ability to be immersed in cutting edge research and the diversity.

My Quotes

If I were being profiled by Rutgers Today, my quote would be: "You don't get paid to do your job, you get paid so the people that rely on you don't have to worry about the job being done right."

If I were being profiled by The Onion, my quote would be: "Sure I think we all should be alert. The world needs more lerts."